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Lake Tahoe expected to fill for first time since 2019

For the first time in nearly five years, Lake Tahoe is expected to fill this spring. Although the water year continues through September, The Natural Resources Conservation Service is already confident about this year’s positive outlook.

“It is a already a safe bet to pencil in a win on this year’s report card, especially for northern Nevada,” their report says.

This is good news since once full, Lake Tahoe can typically provide enough water to meet demand for three years, even if consecutive snowpacks are below normal, according to their statement. The service expects most key reservoirs in northern Nevada and eastern Sierra will fill this spring as well.

“In summary, water year 2024 is well on its way to receiving an A on its final report card,” the report states, “The difference between an A- and an A+ might come down to how much spring precipitation the region receives and how those amounts impact observed streamflow volumes.”

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