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"I tried 5 celebrity rosés, and only one of them was worth buying again"

I've had the John Legend and really liked it!

  • I tried rosés from Brad Pitt, John Legend, Cameron Diaz, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Post Malone.

  • LVE by John Legend and Miraval are decent wines.

  • But Cameron Diaz's Avaline is the only one that me or the sommelier who sipped with me would want to drink again.

When the fall chill hits the air and the leaves outside start turning red, most people think it's a sign from the universe that we must put our bottles of white wine and rosé away until spring.

I, on the other hand, am very happy to sip on that lovely pink wine 365 days a year. Wanting to expand my rosé-drinking horizons, I recently set out on a mission to discover whether any of the many celebrity-branded wine labels could live up to my tried and true favorites — namely, Cote des Roses, Chateau Montaud, and Whispering Angel.

I drink wine often but have no formal experience in oenology. So, I called in a family friend, retired sommelier Dorothy Jacobs, to help me appraise five wines: Miraval, owned by Brad Pitt (and formerly Angelina Jolie); LVE by John Legend; Maison No. 9 by Post Malone; Cameron Diaz's Avaline; and Invivo X by SJP, the label's collaboration with "Sex and the City" star Sarah Jessica Parker. We did a blind taste test to ensure the celebrities we liked best didn't have an unfair advantage, rating each of the numbered glasses (which were poured by a third party) out of five stars. Along the way, Jacobs also busted some myths about my favorite drink.

While Jacobs wasn't particularly excited that we were exclusively drinking celebrity wines — "I don't take them seriously, because they don't take themselves seriously" — she was game to help me find a winner and figure out whether any of these wines were worth going to court with an ex over.

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