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"I almost shared my security details on Instagram’s trend, it's a hacker's dream"

She went viral after warning people to think twice about using Instagram’s Get To Know Me template in which users publicly share their personal information.

Among the facts filled in are age, height, shoe size, zodiac sign, music taste, number of kids, tattoos, phobias, favorite color, food, and drink as well as any pets and relationship status.

“Wait if you guys did the Instagram trend with all the questions, literally delete that s**t right now,” Eliana said.

“You guys know what I’m talking about the one where you’re like favorite color, height, shoe size and I won’t lie I almost fell victim to this.

“I literally started filling it out and then I was like wait a damn minute.

“My first initial thought was wow I have a lot of fears.

“Do I say everything or list out like guns, getting shot, getting kidnapped, places with no bathroom, etc?

“But then I was like wait these are the answers to a lot of my security questions.

“This is a hacker niche right here. The creepy creeps of the cyber web, they’re gonna have a field day with this trend.

“So literally this is a PSA [public service announcement] if you did that trend delete that s**t right now.

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