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How Much Food and Beer Do You Need for Your Super Bowl Party?

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The general rule of thumb when calculating how many alcoholic beverages you’ll need at a party is two drinks per person for the first hour, then one drink per person for each additional hour.

20 people

For 4 hours

You’ll need (40 drinks during 1st hour) plus (60 drinks over the next 3 hours) for a total of 100 drinks.

How many depends on the quantity of other foods you’ll be serving, but as a general rule, if wings are the main sustenance (served alongside light apps like crudités, pretzels, and popcorn) estimate 10 wings per person. With several other appetizers to nosh on, 5-6 wings per person is adequate

When it comes to pizza, the general guideline is three slices of pizza per adult and two slices per child. But this is for a “pizza party.” If pizza is your main fare outside of chips and salsa, feel free to use this guideline. If your table will be crowded with nachos, dips, pigs in a blanket, etc. you can safely order less. Whatever you do, be sure to order it one to three days in advance. It’s the busiest day of the year for many chains.

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