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How Dr Pepper Helped Me Feel at Home in Texas

Check out this great story about Dr. Pepper a favorite drink of many (including me) that got started in Waco TX back in 1885. It has a really intersting history. 10 - 2 - 4!

The historic Smitty’s Market in Lockhart opens earlier than you’d probably expect a barbecue joint to begin serving. At seven each morning (two hours later on Sunday), the smoked beef sausages have adequately plumped inside the old brick pits, and customers can choose an original or a jalapeño link. A few years back I ambled up to the counter around nine in the morning, looking for a link of each for breakfast. The chairs were still up on the tables from the night before.

An employee was surprised to find me in the dining room and wanted to know if I needed a drink. “Coffee?” I asked, while unscrewing the top from a bottle of hot sauce. “Sorry,” she said, shaking her head. Almost instinctively, I asked “How about a Dr Pepper?” She rang me up for one, and I cracked the can open, releasing the sweet perfume of those 23 flavors.

stock photo from Upsplash

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