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How Actor Kevin Miles Became “Jake From State Farm”

The ad campaign has given the 33-year-old wealth, celebrity and fame of his own — but only as "Jake." What does Miles himself really want?

America knows Jake, and America loves Jake. America doesn’t really know Kevin Miles.

Why? Because, crucially, wherever Kevin Miles goes — on the street, at a game, at a bar like the one we’re about to enter — people simply see Jake. And they want to talk to him. They want a picture, a video. To connect. “When someone comes up and says something, it’s like I am Jake for that moment,” says Miles.


He’s close with his family, but he hasn’t gotten to see them as much as he’d like since he moved away from home in Chicago. He has a young nephew, and he’s worried that he’s not around enough, not a big enough part of his life, so he’s writing a children’s book for him; his sister, who is six years older, is writing one, too.

Professionally, Miles wants to level up his craft — to transcend commercial acting into TV, films and back on the stage, where he began in school. “I would love to be the first person who opens that full door of entertainment,” he says. “Acting is acting. You can learn no matter what. We shouldn’t have an elitist view of what things are — we should appreciate the work that actors and artists do in their fields. If an actor can mix [different skills]? That should be celebrated.”

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