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Homemade Pizza Sauce Is Easier, Cheaper & More Delicious Than The Jarred Stuff

You can do this!

Pizza night will forever be one of our favorite weeknight and special occasion dinners. It gets everybody in the kitchen, each pie is infinitely customizable, and we always feel a special sense of accomplishment after tasting a slice made from scratch. Though there are plenty of ways to build and top a pizza, odds are you’ll be starting with pizza dough (ours is the best!) and a layer of tomato sauce.

You could go store-bought, but pre-packaged tomato sauce is often full of sugar and preservatives, is typically sold in measly 14-ounce containers, and often costs more per ounce than your standard jarred pasta sauce. This recipe starts with a can of tomatoes and uses a few pantry staples to transform it into the ideal base for a homemade pie. Here’s what you need to know:

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