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Hickory Smoked Braised Beef Ribs

I'm not a big fan of beef ribs other than Korean cut. Otherwise there is a lot of fat inside them. It does render out and when I am done I will slice it and trim it up to remove even more. I think the 2 lbs of ribs end up being about a pound when I am done cooking and ready to serve.

These did come out pretty good. It was hot today so I didn't want to heat up the kitchen. An all day cook like this means it is time to fire up the Big Green Egg. (any cooker that can run low and slow will work)

I smoked them first at about 250 degrees with hickory for 2 hours over direct heat then they went in a cast iron dutch oven with Better Than Bouillon Roasted Beef Base and braised for about 3 hours with the temperature kicked up to about 325 degrees over indirect heat.

When they were done they got plated with some salad and fresh fruit. It might sound crazy but the fruit tastes great with the smoked beef ribs!

this recipe was a guide

I used a seasoning rub that was slightly different and since I had 1/2 the lbs of ribs than in the recipe I adjusted the ingredient ratio. It worked out to about this

1 part garlic salt

1 part onion powder

1 part smoked Spanish paprika

½ part dried thyme

½ part ground coriander

The Better Than Bouillon Roasted Beef Base took the place of the beer braise but I am sure that that would work out as well.

I'll do this again!

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