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Gibson unveils head-turning refresh of its most famous electric guitar

Gibson unveils head-turning refresh of its most famous electric guitar with the launch of the slimmed-down (and more affordable) Les Paul Modern Lite

The Modern Lite has a thin mahogany body with a belly cut for comfort, and comes in fresh solid-colour finishes with matching headstocks – and with a refreshing $1,499 price tag.

Retailing at $1,499, a very attractive price for a Gibson USA instrument, the Les Paul Modern Lite is a bold refresh for a classic design. Not only does it debut a slimmer solid mahogany body, complete with belly cut for a more comfortable iI playing experience, we have bright solid-colour satin finish options and matching headstocks.

Each pickup is served by its own volume and tone pot, with a three-way selector switch mounted on the shoulder – and there’s another point of difference from the Modern Lite models and most other Les Pauls. There is no poker-chip washer underneath the switch.

The slim-profile body and belly cut are radical moves on the face of it but who doesn’t like the idea of a minimalistic Les Paul that has the weight of an SG? These look like they'll be easy on the lower back – and the budget

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