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Geeky Radio Stuff Warning...

Geeky Radio Stuff Warning...

What is this My Wine Radio gig I do on weekends?

How I show prep and get the most out of it.

The Big Rick Says page.

I have been doing shows for for a while now. If you haven't listened I thought I'd let you know about it.

The music is light AC (Adult Contemporary) pop with a lot of currents and some 80s to now songs in the mix. The older songs (called "Gold" or "Recurrents" in radio biz) are also light AC pop with a lot of ballads.

It sounds like 98.1 The Breeze in SF or KOST in LA

(2 very popular stations btw)

There are a few songs you might hear from artists like Depeche Mode or Lenny Kravitz. There isn't much from the Live 105, KFOG exclusive, or Classic Rock KFOX sound. Not many guitar solos!

It is a lot of artists you might hear about from the Video Music Awards but again mostly the more mellow AC songs from those artists.

You can listen from the stream at

Use the free iPhone and Android apps

say "Alexa play My Wine Radio"

no broadcast signal yet

They run a 10 @ 10 show Monday - Friday with 10 songs from 1 year plus audio clips from that year. The music style stays pretty true to the format the rest of the day.

At night is an 80s @ 8 hour. Again not a lot of Live 105 or John Hughes movie music. Lots of AC pop from the 80s.

For my weekend shows 3 - 6 Sat and Sun I took an idea that morning shows do and feature a topic or idea once an hour. It could be just about anything that I think the audience can relate to. Most of it is about California based events or things to do. I always try to make it fun and upbeat.

It takes a lot of research all week to get the 6 best things for my show every weekend. In a typical radio show prep way I find a lot of things then pick from the best.

The topics all get separate social media previews, and an on air tease at the top of the hour. "This hour hear about sunset dinners in Del Mar"

Then I'll do an on air break of up to about a minute to talk about the topic and mention the link is at the Big Rick Says page at

That gives it a few different teases, on air info, and a mention of the website. It's a good way to get a lot out of 1 on air break.

Check out the station, the specialty shows, and my show Saturday and Sunday 3 - 6 pm.

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