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Flagship Apple Tower Theatre store in downtown LA opening on June 24

A new flagship Apple Store location in Los Angeles, Apple Tower Theatre, is nearing completion and will open to the public on June 24.

The Apple Tower Theatre store will be located in a historic theater in L.A.'s Broadway Theater District. When it opens, it'll be Apple's first retail location in Downtown L.A.

"Once a groundbreaking cinema, Apple Tower Theatre represents the creativity and innovation that both Los Angeles and Apple are known for," Apple said of the store. "The first Apple Store in downtown LA, this will be the place where you can discover new products, find inspiration, and let your creativity shine."

Apple has been renovating the Tower Theatre for several years now. Back in 2018, the company shared a mockup of what the interior could look like.

At the time, Apple said that the location will be in the "upper echelon" of Apple Stores and would be unlike anything else in the city. Part of the design could incorporate the theater's historical Renaissance Revival architecture, while incorporating new theatrical touches.

Apple also said that the brick-and-mortar store would host events meant to draw hundreds of people. The store would take advantage of L.A.'s role as a media and cultural center to host talks by experts in TV, movies, and music.

Originally built in 1927, the Tower Theatre itself was the first theater in the city to be wired for sound. It has long been unused and is only known as a local landmark in L.A.'s Broadway Theater District, which boasts about a dozen theaters.

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