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Explore Lompoc, NASA and USGS Celebrate Landsat 9 Launch

The NASA/USGS Landsat 9 satellite is scheduled to launch from Vandenberg Space Force Base on September 23rd. The public can get a front-row seat for the blastoff at locations throughout Lompoc and surrounding areas.

This year's launch marks the 50th anniversary of the NASA/U.S. Geological Survey's Landsat program, that provides a valuable resource for decision makers in such diverse fields such as agriculture, forestry, land use, water resources and natural resource exploration.

To commemorate Landsat and its importance to our understanding of Earth, Explore Lompoc, NASA, and USGS are hosting a number of "Launch Week" events in the city of Lompoc during the days prior to the launch.

"We are working together with Explore Lompoc to make the week leading up to the launch a fun and educational experience by offering Landsat-themed events." says Ginger Butcher, NASA Landsat 9 Communications and Public Engagement lead. "There will be something for everyone--including a geocaching tour, a family fun night, an art exhibition and collage workshop, plus hands-on activities at the Lompoc Airport launch viewing site. All are designed to provide a deeper understanding of the Landsat mission and an appreciation for our planet."

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