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Elvis Presley Fans Can Now Drink Like a ‘King’ With New Limited Edition Wine

Ready those wine glasses! If you love both Elvis Presley and a bold-sounding Cabernet Sauvignon, then you’re in luck – as “The King” is available for your sipping pleasure.

Originally coinciding with Elvis’ 86th birthday, Wines That Rock (The Official Wine of Rock ‘N Roll™) put out the red carpet for The King of Rock ‘n’ Roll this year.

Working with Graceland and the Elvis Presley Estate, Wines That Rock “enlisted Brett Ehlers from E2 Family Winery” to bring fans a California Cabernet Sauvignon in spirit of The King himself!

“The limited-edition Elvis Presley Wine is a powerful, full-bodied wine that has rich flavors of blackberries, toasty oak, and espresso – fit for a KING!” tweets the Elvis Presley Estate

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