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Edmunds Dubs Ford Mach-E "Best Luxury EV" And "Vastly Superior" To Tesla Model Y

It has been just weeks since Consumer Reports said that Tesla's Model Y has "well below average reliability”. Now, in a glowing review of Ford's electric Mustang, Edmunds is taking their own shots at Tesla.

In a review and a series of Tweets that were posted this week, Edmunds starts by saying "The 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E may not be the fastest or most affordable electric vehicle out there, nor does it have the most range" before noting "It is, however, what Edmunds considers the best in the luxury EV class."

Noting that this is Ford's first foray into a fully electric vehicle, Edmunds called the driving experience enjoyable:

This is the first Ford to be designed specifically as an electric vehicle — there will be no gas-powered version or even a hybrid. Roughly the same size as a Ford Escape or Porsche Macan, the Mustang Mach-E blends typical SUV proportions with some characteristic Mustang styling details. We were initially skeptical about Ford using the Mustang name, but the driving experience is enjoyable enough for the Mach-E to earn that badge.

On Twitter, Edmunds said Ford "pulled it off" and admitted they were apprehensive on the idea to turn the Mustang into an EV at first. They also said that the Mach-E "really scored" over Tesla's Model Y in handling, calling Ford's EV "vastly superior":

Where the new Ford Mustang Mach-E really scores over Tesla is in ride quality: In our experience the Model Y Performances rides harsh, unacceptably so; the Mach-E's ability to handle pavement is vastly superior

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