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Dress up like a box of wine for Halloween? Franzia Winery near Ripon has you covered

Fans of Franzia boxed wine can show their devotion in a truly big way: dressing up like the product for Halloween.

The winery northeast of Ripon is selling adult-size versions of its boxes online for $40. Each has a side pouch that dispenses real wine – your choice of chardonnay or a red blend.

“The new Franzia costumes make you the life of a party, just like an actual box of Franzia,” said Collin Cooney, marketing director for the brand, in a news release.

Franzia was among the pioneers in the 1980s in selling wine in plastic-lined cardboard rather than glass bottles. It is now the top-selling boxed brand in the world.

The real boxes hold 1.5, three or five liters — as many as 34 glasses of wine. The costumes are made of soft material and reach from the shoulders to thighs of a typical adult.

Yes, it’s a 21-and-older product. No one suggests dressing up a toddler, despite the fact that a real five-liter box could be nice fit.

The costume sales started last Halloween. The company enhanced them for 2021 with glow-in-the dark text.

They can be purchased on a part of the website that also offers Franzia clothing, pillows, beach towels, party cups and more. The backpacks that carry boxed wine had sold out but are now back in stock.

Franzia also has online instructions for making costumes out of plain moving boxes.

“Our Franzia Halloween costumes were inspired by our fans, who we fondly call ‘Franz,’ that have been creating homemade Franzia Halloween costumes for years,” Cooney said.

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