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Delivery Service for Sushi and Japanese Bar Snacks Expanding to San Diego

A variety of sushi and small plates straight out of a Japanese izakaya will be soon be available for delivery to local diners. Kumi, a new ghost kitchen that launched last week in several cities including Los Angeles and Chicago, will be activating in San Diego in late August as part of its nationwide expansion.

Run by C3, a food tech platform from the LA-based SBE Entertainment Group, Kumi is the latest addition to its roster of digital brands that includes Sam’s Crispy Chicken and Krispy Rice, an online offshoot of famed sushi bar Katsuya. Beyond its many virtual locations, a brick-and-mortar version of Kumi will be opening inside the Le Méridien New York, Central Park hotel later this summer.

Kumi’s menu includes chirashi bowls, soy paper-wrapped temaki (sushi hand rolls), seared onigiri (rice balls) and nori tacos, which feature a tempura nori shell and rice topped with everything from truffled avocado to salmon roe. The virtual restaurant also offers bento box sets that hold a variety of dishes.

Another C3 concept called EllaMia is also coming to San Diego later this year. The café and bakery will serves a daytime menu that ranges from pastries and coffee to sandwiches, salads, macarons, and specialty chocolates.

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