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Costco Is Selling A Limited Kirkland Scotch Whisky For Lunar New Year

featuring the lucky number 8

Those out for a bit more New Year merriment have no further to look than their local Costco. The big box, membership-based retailer has debuted a special Kirkland Scotch whisky bottle that celebrates the turn of the Lunar New Year on February 10.

An apt gesture for the fire-breathing avatar of the upcoming Lunar New Year, Costco's Year of the Dragon bottle contains its 88-proof 8-year-old blended Scotch whisky derived from handpicked barrels.

The bottle itself is rectangular with a large red wooden cap and a traditional Chinese dragon encircling the glass, and it comes packaged in a similarly designed red box. The Scotch retails for just under $50 per one-liter bottle in the U.S.

The flavor, which should be familiar to fans of Costco's Scotch selection, is rife with spice, fruit, and notes of wood that extend across the palate warmly with a background of distant smoke.

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