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Canon, Nikon and Sony are banding together in the fight against fake images

From Hollywood stars to the Pope in a puffer jacket, even politicians and images from the war in Gaza, there have been plenty of fake photographs doing the rounds in 2023. While some are amusing, others spread misinformation.

In the ongoing battle against deepfakes, camera giants Nikon, Sony and Canon are set to release new technology that will make it easy to authenticate a photograph's origins.

According to Nikkei Asia, the three Japanese camera makers will allow photographers to embed digital signatures via tech that will be part of the camera itself. These signatures – which will contain information like the photographer's name, plus the date, time and location the image was taken – can then be authenticated via a free web-based application called Verify that has been launched by a global alliance of media outlets, camera makers and tech companies.

If an image is AI generated or has been used to alter a genuine one, Verify will flag it as having "no content credentials".

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