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Cameron Diaz’s Avaline launches California Pinot Noir

Avaline, co-founded by Cameron Diaz and Katherine Power, has announced the launch of a limited edition Pinot Noir, the first wine produced in the brand’s native California.

Pinot Noir (SRP $26), is a “light-bodied wine offering notes of roasted strawberries and wild plum, inviting Avaline lovers to cozy up for fall foliage with a glass in hand,” per a press release.

Avaline Pinot Noir is produced by Porter Creek Vineyards a family-run winery in the Russian River Valley of Sonoma County.

“Our goal this fall with Pinot Noir and Red is to bring our community together over wines made for any occasion, whether that’s winding down with friends after a long day or enjoying it alongside a seasonal dinner spread,” said Katherine Power of the launch.

“The most important part of our process starts with farming, so we could not be more proud to announce Porter Creek Vineyards and EthicDrinks as our partners,” Cameron said of the partnership. “Their commitment to sustainability is remarkable and we are thrilled to support their mission, just as they support ours.”

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