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Californians like creepy Christmas movies

Californians like creepy Christmas movies

according to the report, authored by data journalist Rebecca Moody, the most popular “Christmas movie” in the state of California, is Tim Burton’s 1990 fantasy “Edward Scissorhands” — which happens to co-star former Petaluman Winona Ryder — a film that does culminate with a spectacular Christmas “miracle.”

But ... “Edward Scissorhands?”

For what it’s worth, Rhode Island seems to share Californians’ love of “Edward Scissorhands,” according the the study, which started with the top 50 films identified by the Internet Movie Database as the most popular among IMDb users, then conducted a search of each film on Google Trends to discover how those movies rated state by state. In California, out of those top 50 films, “Scissorhands” got a rating of 7.9, beating out all other films on the list.

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