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California’s Top 10 Collectible Wines

I haven't had any of these. The most expensive bottle I have ever bought (and have yet to open) is Poetry from Cliff Lede that runs about $275 a bottle as I recall.

People can get really wrapped up about wine ratings and scores. At a blending day I did with the wine educator at Judd's Hill we were advised

"Everyone relax. Nobody is going to get a 100 point score or a critical review. It doesn't matter what your blend is or tastes like. Do your own thing."

"If you want help getting to the taste you want let me know and I can help."

this was the best thing:

"Remember no matter what anyone tells you there are only 3 kinds of wine. Red, White, and the wine you like. It doesn't matter what it is. It doesn't matter if it costs $10,000 from France or $10 from the grocery store. If you like it buy it drink it and enjoy it with friends. No wine can top that."

Good advice.

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