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California's Athletes More Likely To Succeed In Olympics: Report

If you've watched any of the Tokyo Olympics this summer, chances are you've seen a California resident or college student with eyes raised toward the American flag on the medal stand.

Since 1984, more Olympians than ever have hailed from the Golden State, according to a recent study by Active Iron. The report studied athletes from 1984 to the current 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. Analysts discovered that women from California who competed in the Games were more likely to climb the medal stand than those from any other state in the nation.

To date, California athletes topped the Olympic totals of athletes from all states, with 417 total athletes and 168 total gold medals.

Athletes who attend California colleges dominated the top 10 colleges with the most Olympians.

Stanford University: 89.

University of California, Los Angeles UCLA: 85.

University of Southern California USC: 47.

University of California, Berkeley: 40.

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