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California producer unveiling eye-catching line of aluminum wine bottles

I love Bogle wines!

from pennlive

The Bogle Family Wine Collection is adding a non-glass container to its product line.

Called Element[AL] Wines, it’s the Clarksburg, California-based producer’s first-of-its-kind wine brand with 750ml aluminum wine bottles that are lightweight, recyclable, and made in the shape of a traditional wine bottle.

Among Bogle’s best-known wines are its Old Vine Zinfandel and its Phantom red blend.

The culmination of a three-year project, the company says, these environmentally friendly containers “will shatter expectations about how and when wine can be enjoyed and answer the call-to-action from the wine industry to rethink glass bottles, the largest contributor to wine’s carbon footprint.” Included in the Element[AL] portfolio will be four varietals: Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, Rosé and Pinot Noir.

“Element[AL] is more than just the launch of a new wine brand, it’s the beginning of a new way of thinking for the wine industry,” Jody Bogle, vice president of consumer relations at Bogle Family Wine Collection,” says in a release. “We began by looking for ways to lightweight our existing glass bottles, and that led to a more radical approach that we feel consumers are ready to embrace.”

Unlike traditional glass bottles, Element[AL]’s giftable bottle is label-less and is dressed in a 360° deco design printed directly on the bottle featuring bespoke hand-drawn artwork that is unique to each varietal. They are expected to be available to consumers beginning this month at a suggested retail price of $16.99, and in-store with major retailers nationwide in March 2024.

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