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Bobcat Goldthwait on his circuitous comedy career and why he got rid of “the voice”

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"...David Bowie and myself talked seriously about doing performances together"

To say that Bobcat Goldthwait has had a circuitous career in show business is putting it mildly. While his outrageous stand-up persona got him gigs like the Police Academy movies and an appearance on Comic Relief in the 1980s, in his latest film, Joy Ride, released last month, he explains that he “couldn’t take being famous just for being famous,” which led to a series of destructive talk show appearances. He eventually started making his own small independent movies about stories he cared about—like the 2015 documentary Call Me Lucky, about comedian Barry Crimmins, or the 2017 short American Bigfoot—in addition to directing comedy specials for other comedians like Patton Oswalt, Marc Maron, and Carmen Esposito.

In Joy Ride, he returns to the genre that first brought him fame, back when he was known for an eardrum-splitting voice and frequently over-the-top stage antics more than punchlines. The documentary, which he directed, is a 70-minute journey into a stand-up tour with his friend Dana Gould.

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