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Blog Refocus

Updated: Dec 23, 2021

More photos!

(see what I did there?)

I don't get that many blog views but that is ok. If you have been looking here for a while you might have noticed a change in content.

I was using the blog for a lot of California news stories for a while. That is because I was doing a podcast and updates for an online music station My WIne Radio. I would use the blog to save stories and the link for when I would record my segments. It was a good way to stay organized. As of late 2021 My WIne Radio has come to an end and that kind of content isn't here as much.

In late summer 2021 I bought a new camera. I got a Sony a6400 and have started to take a lot of photos. I also faced a pretty steep learning curve!

My previous photos were from whatever phone I had or my Olympus TG-4.

The Sony is a big step up for me and it has been fun to learn all the settings and ways to improve my photography skills. I have a Flickr page and figured out how to get that content here on my blog with Wix.

I really enjoy taking photos so expect more sharing here of some of my better ones. I will also be posting other stories and content in the mix.

Thanks for the blog and webpage visits!

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