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Blackout dining restaurant to launch in San Diego in May

San Diego Union Tribune

San Diego diners are more than ready to get back inside local restaurants for an indoor meal. But are they ready to eat that meal entirely in the dark? A Spanish events company hopes so.

Dining in the Dark, which will launch May 26 in an as-yet unannounced Gaslamp Quarter restaurant, is being produced by Fever, a global events producer in Madrid. Since last July, Fever has introduced Dining in the Dark at locations in 48 cities worldwide. The first U.S. locations were introduced a few weeks ago, beginning in Chicago. San Diego, Los Angeles and 16 other cities will be rolling out the experiential dinners this spring. Organizers say this will be a permanent San Diego attraction, though the venue will change every three months, and a spooky theme will be introduced during Halloween season.

Dining in the Dark is a three-course, 90-minute meal served to diners wearing black velvet blindfolds in a darkened restaurant. The cost is $90, not including alcoholic beverages. Diners can choose between a meat, seafood or vegan menu theme, but everything else will be a surprise to the taste buds. So far, the price tag hasn’t been an obstacle for pandemic-weary diners eager for a memorable meal away from home.

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