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Big Rick Lives! The Wine Country Saturday Soundtrack

Big Rick Lives! Click to play my promo for the show Saturday 4 2 22

I am happy to be part of Wine Down Media KVYN/KVON on the air on hosting The Wine Country Saturday Soundtrack "Fun Music Great Information"

listen starting at 8am and all day in Napa on 99.3 fm, stream at or look for KVYN on TuneIn, or say "Alexa play 99 point 3 The Vine"

The station doesn't rely on diary or People Meter ratings so we get a lot of freedom to try things like what I do on Saturday. I do breaks that are about local people, events, and experiences. They aren't like a news station story, it is more fun than that. It isn't like talk radio at all as we play a lot of music.

It is engaging, and a different take on information. It is like what you and your friends might talk about at coffee with a "did you hear about..." kind of vibe. It is a great soundtrack for whatever people are doing on a Saturday.

The breaks are a little longer than most DJs are told to do and have way more content than a "that was... I am... you are listening to... this is..." kind of generic DJ break.

As for music we really mix it up

Van Morrison to Van Halen

Black Pumas to Black Keys

Depeche Mode to Harry Styles

John Mayer to Journey

Foster The People to Portugal The Man

We want people to hear favorites, surprises, and new music.

I love doing The Wine Country Saturday Soundtrack

It is good radio!

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