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Bicycle Across Iowa (again)

A very busy end of 2018 meant no bicycle rides or much exercise until the end of January. But I am getting after it now.

I am going to do some structured training with plans from Training Peaks, plus a few solo rides and group rides.

I am almost at Master Level for 12 mph 50 mile rides :)

The goal of all of this is to ride and have fun at the 7 day Register's Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa "RAGBRAI" at the end of July.

Each year it is a different route going west to east across Iowa. It has an official entry of 10,000 with an estimated 5,000 to 10,000 more that ride along.

It is so much fun to be there with everyone that are connected by only pedal (or hand crank) power.

People are of different ages, backgrounds, and ride for different reasons, from different places all over the world.

The ride is easy for some difficult for others and not everyone makes it to the end.

I did it in 2017 for the first time and I admit every day was really tough for me. The 50 to 70 mile days in the summer Midwest heat took a lot out of me.

The first 40 miles or so were fun but as the day went on my legs got tired. I was very happy to get to the end, take a shower, eat dinner, and fall asleep.

In 2018 I was more prepared and knew what to expect. I had more fun and was able to head in to the overnight towns on RAGBRAI where there was a lot of food, music, and fun. Every night was a party!

Ok not that it was all a party... I still had to earn my fun.

The plan for my 2019 RAGBRAI is to continue my progression to make it easier and have more fun

I'll blog along here as I ride and get ready for late July.

Here is a really good video that captures the spirit of RAGBRAI from the bicycle runner world traveller video master Ryan Van Duzer aka "Duzer" see more at

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