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Best reusable water bottles to give as gifts in 2021

If you know someone who could use a new reusable bottle (whether they're stuck on single-use or they simply need one for outdoor adventures), a high-quality water bottle makes a great gift. By now, everyone knows using a disposable plastic water bottle is bad for the environment and can be harmful to your health. Staying hydrated with a reusable water bottle is one of the easiest ways to start phasing plastic out of your everyday life.

There's no shortage of water bottle options on the market. Some offer filtration, vacuum insulation, a straw, spout or a flip top; others are completely collapsible or can tote hot or cold beverages. So encourage your friends to recycle their disposable plastic bottles and replace them with one of these reusable, stylish and durable water vessels.

I love my Hydro Flask

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