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Best Coffee Smoothie Recipe

Adding coffee to a smoothie is pretty simple, and recipe developer Michelle McGlinn shares the best way to do it in this easy coffee smoothie recipe. A coffee smoothie, unlike a milkshake, has enough nutrients to be considered healthy, as it's filled with bananas, dates, and yogurt instead of ice cream and sugar. For the most robust coffee flavor possible, McGlinn freezes brewed coffee into ice cubes, which makes the smoothie extra thick and never diluted. A dash of cocoa powder creates a mocha-like finish, and a sprinkle of espresso powder on top ensures the coffee flavor is the first thing you taste.

Before you blend things up, you're free to add in your favorite protein, collagen, or vitamin supplements with no compromise to the smoothie's flavor. A chocolaty morning pick-me-up and a couple vitamins all in one glass make this smoothie a busy-morning breakfast that's hard to beat.

To make the coffee ice cubes, you'll need to start with a little over 1 cup of brewed coffee. We recommend making the coffee slightly stronger than you normally would since it's being mixed with other ingredients — or you can swap in espresso for an especially strong smoothie.

Once the coffee is brewed, you'll just need frozen bananas (you can freeze these with the ice cubes overnight to be ready by morning), dark cocoa powder, milk, Greek yogurt, pitted medjool dates, and espresso powder. If you'd like to swap the milk for an alternative, any kind will do — we prefer oat milk for creaminess.

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