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Bay Area restaurant named number one on Yelp’s ‘Top 100 Places for Pizza’

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In honor of National Pizza Day, Yelp has released a list of the country’s “Top 100 Places for Pizza” to highlight some of the best restaurants and slice shops from coast to coast.

Pizzerias in dozens of states made the cut, meaning there’s something for almost everyone to enjoy — and plenty for the rest of us to argue about.

Topping this year’s list is Cheese Board Pizza, an offshoot of a popular bakery/cheese shop in Berkeley.

Cheese Board Pizza, which specializes in vegetarian-only sourdough-crust pizza, currently boasts a four-and-a-half-star rating on Yelp based over 5,500 reviews. (Not bad for a pizzeria that’s only open nine hours per week: 5-8 p.m. Thursday, Friday, and Saturday)


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