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Barefoot Taps Sweeter Styles, Alternative Formats To Connect With New Drinkers

As the second-largest wine label in the U.S., E.&J. Gallo-owned Barefoot surely fits that description. The core Barefoot brand was up 12% to 17 million cases in the U.S. last year, according to Impact Databank, not including its Bubbly, Spritzers, Wine To Go, Seltzer, and Barefoot On Tap offerings

Both Barefoot Seltzer and Barefoot On Tap earned Impact “Hot Brand” honors for their 2020 performances. Barefoot On Tap, the brand’s 3-liter box offering ($19), jumped 55% to 1.7 million cases last year, while Barefoot Seltzer topped a half-million cases in its first year on the market.

“Alternative formats will continue to play a critical role for Barefoot and for the broader wine category,” Gallo’s director of brand marketing Adam Weinberg tells SND, adding that Gallo “expects to see continued growth of On Tap with larger formats staying in high-demand. We also expect to see strong acceleration of our single-serve formats, such as our line of Barefoot Wine To Go 500-ml. and canned wine offerings including Barefoot Spritzer and Hard Seltzer.”

Another area of growth for Barefoot is within its range of fruit-flavored Fruitscato wines, which debuted in fall of 2019.

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