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Andy Griffith grew free trees for Boy Scouts on a 50-acre Christmas tree farm

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His favorite thing to do at the time, though, was just sit and watch the sun rise over the Roanoke Sound in his backyard.

But when he gazed at the horizon, his view was partially obscured.

He had to peer over the tops of 53 acres of Christmas trees that he planted.

Because one very visible way that Andy gave back every year to his neighbors in Manteo was at Christmastime, when he would invite Boy Scouts to his beach to pick out a free Christmas tree that he grew just to make their seasons brighter.

According to The News and Observer Sun, "He didn’t sell ‘em or anything. He gave ‘em away … to the Boy Scouts. You heard of this fella. Used to play Sheriff Taylor on that TV show. Now ain’t that just like him to go and do that?"

In the story, Griffith grins, admitting that the Christmas trees did clutter his beachfront view, but we assume that growing all those acres of trees was worth it to him, because every good boy deserves a gorgeous tree.

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