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A KFOG Kaboom KT Tunstall Story

Some live music this weekend! A virtual evening featuring KT Tunstall from Santa Barbra's Lobero Theatre this Sat.

Here's a good KFOG Kaboom KT Tunstall story.

I was the stage announcer in 2006 the year she played with Los Lonely Boys and Jackie Greene on the bill. They all did great sets.

I remember seeing the stage manager signaling to Los Lonely Boys that they had time for 1 more song. They did about a 10 minute Hendrix meets Tex-Mex style jam! 😁

When the music wrapped up the crew swarmed the stage and worked really hard to clear things off. They didn't mess around and were fast and super organized.

With the stage crew done so quick everyone had a great view from the stage to watch the show.

Folding chairs were brought up. The stage crew walked out with a drink or 2 in their hands and took a seat to watch the fireworks.

Los Lonely Boys had left pretty soon after their set, but when I looked over to the drum riser I saw KT and her band. They were excited to see the Kaboom fireworks.

It was a big show well worth watching with 7 tons of fireworks set off on barges in the San Francisco bay. It was our Christmas Bonus budget spent to light the sky for 400,000 FogHeads.

The soundtrack was great, the fireworks were great, and KT and her band were going Ooh and Ahh just like everyone else. I remember they took selfies with the fireworks in the background.

As I was leaving I thought how cool to see musicians hanging out for the payoff of the hard work of so many people and having such a good time.

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