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66 former Bay Area residents were paid to move to Tulsa. Here’s how one is finding it.

The midwest and the people there are pretty nice.

More at the link SF Gate

“I had never even considered living in the Midwest, it wasn’t on my radar,” Rollins, who’s always lived on the coasts, said. “When I came to visit it was much ... bigger and better than I thought it was going to be.”

She said the community has welcomed her with open arms, and she’s surprised by how progressive it is.

“There’s this mentality here that we’re all humans together,” she said.

Rollins noted a series of perks of living in the approximately 402,000-person city: Parking is plentiful and free. There’s never traffic. It’s generally very easy to get around.

“It’s a very easy, inviting place to live, which really surprised me,” she said.

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