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6 rules to interview Led Zeppelin back in the 70’s

more at the link

In an article written by Steve Rosen back 2007 in Ultimate Guitar, he recalled the experience he had being with Led Zeppelin on tour to interview the band members back in 1977 and the rules that the band’s publicist Janine Safer told him before he went to meet the group.

Rule 1. Never talk to anyone in the band unless they first talk to you.

Rule 1A. Do not make any sort of eye contact with John Bonham. This is for your own safety.

Rule 2. Do not talk to Peter Grant or Richard Cole – for any reason.

Rule 3. Keep your cassette player turned off at all times unless conducting an interview.

Rule 4. Never ask questions about anything other than music.

Rule 5. Most importantly, understand this – the band will read what is written about them. The band does not like the press nor do they trust them.

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