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2025 VW Scout EV Truck Teaser Confirms Summer Release

As it turns out, Volkswagen doesn't have much news for the North American market – its latest communication from the middle of December 2023 only discussed how the namesake brand, along with Audi, Porsche, and Scout Motors, will align with the rest of their rivals and adopt the North American Charging Standard (NACS) for its future electric vehicles.

But that at least bodes well with the company's progressing plans to revive the Scout nameplate – and it turns out that we are about to see the first product or products sooner than anyone expected. We recently heard the rumor mill whisper that the first two models – a pickup truck and an SUV sibling – will be co-developed with Austria's Magna Steyr, and now there's also an official teaser video on social media confirming the introduction or will take place just a few months from now.

The brand kicked off the proceeds with "There Is a Scout in All of Us," a video that's only the second feature on Scout Motors' YouTube account after 'America's next shot' from around nine months ago. There's nothing in it about the actual EV truck – there are many uplifting images with adventurous folks and some beauty shots with old Scout models. In the end, the voiceover also says, "This is the moment, this is the call, this is the truck," and then the fade-out lets slip that the reveal is scheduled for this summer.

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